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3 Preventive Care Appointments That Can Save Your Life in Tomball

We want you to know there are three types of preventive care in Tomball your entire family needs, to stay in excellent health. Preventive care can be a major step in staying healthy and avoiding serious health complications down the road.

What 3 Appointments are Most Important for Preventive Care in Tomball?

There are many types of preventive care steps you can take to stay in optimal health, but we suggest these three for starters: an annual physical, vaccinations and labs. These three prevention steps are the most critical for staying healthy. Let’s look at each one individually.


An Annual Physical as a Preventive Care Step

An annual physical is a must-have, to keep your preventive care in Tomball on target. With a single appointment, your doctor will do an overall assessment of your body’s health. By checking all of your major body systems, your vital statistics and completing any necessary lab tests, your doctor will get a comprehensive picture of your overall health. It’s the perfect time for your medical team to catch any condition before it escalates and seriously affects your life.

An annual physical is an important preventive care procedure, as your doctor will check your heart, lungs, blood, and more, especially if you are experiencing any problems.


Lab Work is an Important Service for Preventive Care in Tomball

Lab work is so critical; lab work can find infections, hormone imbalances, and so much more. Most commonly, lab work involves checking your blood or urine. Lab work can include many other things, but you will most likely have a blood draw or be handed that little cup and pointed toward the restroom. Most test results will be available within a day or two and will provide beneficial information for diagnoses.


Preventive Care in Tomball With Vaccinations

Keeping your children healthy is a parent’s primary concern. Vaccination against childhood disease is one of the leading ways to keep a child from contracting serious, even deadly, illnesses. Your doctor will provide you a regular schedule of necessary vaccinations so you can be sure your children are protected.

Many childhood illnesses that once plagued families are now preventable through vaccines. Things like chicken pox and mumps were once a common rite of passage as children grew up, but have now been nearly eliminated. More serious conditions, like polio, are nearly obsolete due to the vaccination process. Staying current with vaccinations is a vital step in preventive care.


To make sure your family stays healthy, call today for your preventive care in Tomball. Our friendly staff will schedule your appointment with PCP today. Your health is our goal; we offer the finest preventive care in Tomball.



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