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When Should You Make an Appointment with Your Doctor for Vision Testing?

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In every family, there is at least one person who wears glasses because they have weak eyesight. These days, vision problems are not rare, as most children will need to glasses to see properly. Even if both parents do not have glasses, their child may still have weak vision. The reason is technology.

Most children spend their time on their handheld devices, watching movies, playing games, browsing the internet, and texting. Constant use of these technological devices has increased people’s chances to develop weak eyesight. If you or your child complains of headaches and muscle pain, it is due to eyestrain. Your eyes become tired, red, and your vision gets blurry.

As times passes by, your need to correct the problem becomes dire, as your vision weakens. A trip to your primary care physician to test your vision becomes vital. If you do not go, the headaches, the strain on your eyes, and the pain in your muscles will become a continuous episode. One of the options to relieve the stress from your eyes may be to wear glasses. Besides these reasons, there are other reasons to get vision testing.

When Should You Contact Your Primary Care Physician?

  • You experience complete or partial blindness in both or one of your eyes

  • You see the double of everything

  • Your vision goes dark at times

  • You see circles around lights, blind spots, or your vision gets distorted suddenly

  • You vision gets blurry, your eye pains, and becomes red

  • You cannot see objects in your peripheral vision

  • You cannot see at night or read

  • You lose the sharpness of your eyesight gradually

  • You cannot tell from which color is which

  • You vision blurs when you see objects from afar or near

  • You family has a history of diabetes or you have diabetes

  • Your eye itches and a discharge expels from it

  • Your vision changes when you take a certain medication (contact your doctor before changing or stopping a medication)

When you visit your doctor, they will examine your vision, pupils, eye movement, retina, and eye pressure. If the issue is more than a common eyesight problem, they will conduct further tests and provide you with a medication to treat the problem. However, you also have a responsibility to look after your deteriorating vision.

Prevention Measures You Should Take

If you are 65 and over, you should get your eyes examined every once a year. It is advised that you should get your vision tested annually, starting at a young age. If you have a known vision problem, your doctor will recommend you visit them frequently. When you are at home or out and about, here is what you can do:

  • Wear eyeglasses when reading and sunglasses when outside

  • Maintain a healthy routine

  • Adopt healthy habits such as no smoking and limiting alcohol intake

  • Do not use technology more than you should

  • Keep your cholesterol and sugar level in check

If you think your eyesight is weakening, visit Primary Care Physician in Houston for an eye test.

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