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Can A PCP Help With Mental Health Issues Caused By COVID?


There are very few people on the planet who have experienced zero impact from the COVID pandemic. Even if you managed to never catch COVID, and no one in your family did either, we have all experienced the lockdowns and changes in our daily lives that came as a result. 

Unfortunately, COVID has affected the mental health of a lot of us, and these effects should not go ignored. 

In this article, we are going to look at how the COVID pandemic has affected mental health across the globe and how a primary care physician can help through medical intervention.

The effects of the pandemic

The many different facets of changes in a post-pandemic life have had a wide range of impacts on the well-being of a lot of people. 

For example, a lot of people naturally experience anxiety and stress at the risk that COVID poses. 

Furthermore, the way we had to work in the pandemic caused isolation and a lack of a routine that many of us relied on in our daily lives. A majority of people agree that their lives have been permanently changed, with many feeling that challenges have been elevated or exacerbated as a result.

Managing your mental health during the pandemic

It is important to confront changes to our mental health, even if it can be intimidating. There are a lot of ways to do this. For example, identifying unhealthy habits or ways of thinking is the first step. 

Additionally, putting time into preventative care activities, such as exercise, meditation, or other hobbies is important. However, for long-lasting changes, the help of a professional might also be needed. 

In the case of treating mental health conditions, the most recommended first contact you should consider is your primary care physician. Here, we will look at how they can help.

How a PCP can help

If you think you have experienced any of the impacts mentioned above, then your PCP should be your first port of call for the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues. 

Specifically, they can help in a variety of ways, using screening processes to help diagnose anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. They can also help with treatment by prescribing and managing medications or recommending complementary therapy. 

A PCP can be a very useful ally to have as a consistent point of contact. You do not want the experience of being bounced from provider to provider when you are trying to improve your mental health. Specifically, your primary care physician will provide checkups to monitor your progress.

Whether you think that medication or other treatments might help, your primary care physician can play a large role in helping with your mental health. Do not leave it up to chance: get the medical assistance you might need to live a healthy and happy life. 

To schedule an appointment with a PCP that can help with your health concerns, call PCP For Life today at 281-968-4096.

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