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Common Methods of Anemia Treatment Houston

There are several methods of treating anemia. The key is getting the right treatment for the type of anemia you have. You see, there are several types of anemia, and which kind you have will influence your anemia treatment. Houston doctors are wonderful at discovering the causes of anemia and tailoring a treatment plan to remedy the problem.

Identifying the type of Anemia

Before your doctor can devise an effective treatment plan, the cause of your anemia needs to be identified. Some anemias are genetically inherited, such as sickle cell anemia. More commonly, anemia is associated with iron deficiency. This condition can be the result of a lack of iron in the diet or an inability to properly absorb iron. Blood loss can also lead to iron deficiency.

Elderly people can experience anemia due to a vitamin B12 and folate deficiency. Both of these B vitamins are necessary for proper functioning of the body. People who are substance abusers may also be deficient in these vitamins. In both cases the body is not able to adequately absorb nutrients.

Another source of anemia is chronic disease. Those suffering from certain chronic conditions such as auto-immune diseases, liver or thyroid disorders and some cancers may experience anemia.

Finding the cause of the anemia is critical to planning the proper anemia treatment. Houston patients can count on their doctors to work with them in identifying the source of their anemia. Once that has been established, a corrective treatment plan can be put in place.

Types of Treatments

In the case of chronic diseases, where inflammation interferes with the body’s ability to use iron to make healthy red blood cells, anemia usually improves when the disease is treated. In some instances, treating anemia in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy calls for a hematologist. For many cancer therapies, the anemia is temporary.

People with low levels of vitamin B12 and folate have a much simpler anemia treatment. Houston clinics and doctors frequently see patients with this issue and provide injections for vitamin B12 deficiency. A diet rich in foods containing the B vitamins is recommended, and folic acid supplements are recommended to improve the folate deficiency.

Those who have anemia due to iron deficiency are also encouraged to make dietary changes to keep the problem from worsening. Treatment involves taking iron supplements. Though the supplements are usually in the form of pills, for those who cannot take the pills, intravenous iron is used. This bypasses the digestive tract.

Looking for Anemia Treatment Houston?

If you’re feeling sluggish and think you could be suffering from anemia, the best thing to do is be seen by a qualified doctor. PCP for Life has physicians who know how to look for the underlying causes of anemia. We will personalize a treatment plan for you to help you feel better as quickly as possible. Take a few moments to give us a call now and set up your appointment. Let’s get you on the road to recovery fast.

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