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Control Cholesterol to Avoid Cardiovascular Diseases

We may find a lot of people around us complaining about high cholesterol. Nowadays it has turned into a very common issue that people are facing. What is high cholesterol and how it can be harmful to your body is what we will discuss in our blog.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is found in the blood. Being produced in the liver and found in every cell of the body makes cholesterol an essential component where your optimal health is concerned. You can always increase your cholesterol by taking various supplements which can help in maintaining the balance produced by the body.
But… excess intake can result in heart and circulation issues which can create issues like vessel blockage which ultimately result in heart attack or stroke. To keep all these problems not to making you suffer, it is ideal to control your cholesterol to maintain better health.
Your PCP make sure to check for it during your routine check-up and if the cholesterol is high then they will try to put you on medicines to get an accurate result.

How You Can Reduce the Cholesterol?

There are many tips that can assist in reducing the level of cholesterol in your blood. On your visit to your primary care physicians, there are chances they might ask you to bring some changes to your daily routine. These changes are much better to follow as the natural results can assist better in regaining the correct level of cholesterol.

  1. Follow a Healthy Diet – Eating healthy is the main thing that fights against your bad cholesterol and brings back the health you need
  2. Lose Weight – Excess weight is the main key to high cholesterol. Carrying extra weight is of no good and with weight loss, you can reduce cholesterol.
  3. Quit Smoking – the use of tobacco does not have a good impact on your body. The sooner you stop smoking the better the chances you will reduce the cholesterol in the blood.
  4. Exercise – Taking out just 15 minutes a day can assist your body in managing the accurate level of cholesterol. Exercise will increase the rate of your heart which is good for your body.

Do You Want to be Cholesterol Smart?

Approach high cholesterol with a lifestyle shift in mind. Small changes to daily activity and eating can get your numbers in line while also reducing your risk for other health problems like diabetes and obesity.
Need help getting your numbers in check? Call us and schedule an appointment with one of our world-class primary care physicians at PCP for Life to develop your cholesterol action plan today.

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