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COVID19 – Patient Care and Safety Management Protocol

PCP for Life is committed to the health of our patients, our employees and the communities we serve. We are in process to modify our entire triage and care approach so that we minimize risk during appointments. Our top priority is to provide safe, high-quality care for our patients, and safety for their family and community.

To better assist our patients during this time, we have put certain protocols in place for all patients

All staff will wear a shielded face mask and gloves at all times, wash their hands before each patient encounter and after wiping the exam room, and diagnostic equipment down after each patient leaves the exam room.

Our goal is to avoid having any patients in the waiting area. To accomplish this, we will contact all patients prior to their appointment (typically 30 minutes – 2 hours before) and confirm your estimated time of arrival and register you as checked in at your expected arrival time. We may advise you to come in sooner or later to minimize your wait time. When you arrive please remain in your car and we will call you on your cell phone to come in. For patients that walk in, we will ask them to wait in their car after registration and give them an approximate wait time.

If you have respiratory symptoms a nurse will bring a mask to your car and walk you straight to your designated exam room. We will evaluate you and may do appropriate tests such as strep or flu. Treat you based on the assessment. If we feel you are suspect for COVID-19, your provider will guide you based on the most current CDC/Health Dept/expert consensus. 

To manage the risk, all the patients that have symptoms of/or similar to those of COVID-19 (mild to severe respiratory illness, fever, cough, shortness of breath), we ask you call to make an appointment if at all possible at 281-370-7272

We will ask:

  • Your symptoms
  • Recent travel history of any
  • Possible exposure source
  • We will ask about anyone under 5 or over 65 years old,
  • People with a chronic medical condition or compromised immune system for you or family

Non-sick patients once called also will be taken straight back, bypassing the waiting area, to the room. Same room cleaning procedures are used as above after each patient encounter



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