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Dealing With Anxiety During a Blood Test

Are you nervous about needles? While there is nothing to worry about during a blood test, we understand that this process can be scary for a lot of people. If you struggle with needle anxiety, you might even be tempted to cancel your blood test altogether. Don’t let your fears stop you from getting important medical care! Read on to learn our top tips for dealing with this anxiety.

Talk To Your Provider Beforehand

This is the best first step for nervous patients. While doctors, nurses, and PAs have a great deal of empathy for their patients, they perform numerous blood tests on any given day. Letting them know that you are afraid of needles will tell them that you might need some extra time and reassurance during the procedure.

Ask For Accommodations

There are a few things that providers can do to make you more comfortable during your blood test. If you are afraid of passing out, ask about lying down during the test. You can also bring a drink and snack to help raise your blood sugar after the blood draw. Some providers can also use a smaller needle or provide a topical gel to numb the site of the blood draw.

Scheduling Your Blood Test

If you are afraid of needles, even scheduling a blood test can be an intimidating process. At PCP For Life, we will make the process easy and comfortable. Our convenient locations and hours make finding the right time for an appointment easy. Best of all? Our friendly, professional staff will help you stay calm during the test. To schedule your blood test, call PCP For Life at 281-968-4096.

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