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How Doctors Develop an Anemia Treatment Plan?

Anemia Treatment Houston

One type of anemia treatment plan will not be suitable for every individual who’s anemic, as the reason for their condition can be different than someone else with anemia. The doctors in Spring, TX will develop you a treatment plan by looking at what is causing you to become anemic. Anemia can develop due to three main causes, vitamin and iron deficiency, chronic disease, and hereditary conditions.

What is Anemia?

A person with anemia has low red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin refers to the protein contained in the red blood cells. The protein transmits oxygen throughout the body. A person may develop anemia if they suffer from a lot of blood loss or bleed internally, their body produces low amounts of red blood cells, and a large number of blood cells are destroyed. The treatment plan for each condition will be different.

Treatment Plan for Iron Deficiency

If your body lacks iron, you will develop anemia. Your iron count is low because you do not eat food rich in iron, your body is unable to absorb iron, or you suffer from blood loss. Women of childbearing age and children are more susceptible to develop iron deficiency. The doctors in Spring, TX will prescribe an individual with iron deficiency with iron supplements and tell them to change their current diet.

Treatment Plan Vitamin Deficiency

Decreased levels of folate, Vitamin B, and Vitamin B-12 are the most causes of vitamin deficiency. The elderly, substance abusers, and surgical patients are at high risk of developing anemia related to vitamin deficiency. The elderly are not able to absorb nutrients, the substance abusers do not eat proper meals, and surgical patients have their bowel removed, preventing their bodies from absorbing nutrients. They will have to take supplements and get Vitamin B-12 injections.

Treatment Plan for Chronic Diseases

Long-term chronic diseases can cause anemia. People with autoimmune or inflammatory disease, cancer, thyroid or liver disorder, or kidney disease are at risk of developing anemia. The doctors will treat the disease, which is causing anemia.

Treatment Plan for Inherited Diseases

If one the parents have a gene that can pass anemia to their child, the likelihood of the child developing anemia increases. Hemolytic and inherited bone marrow failure syndromes are the two kinds of inherited conditions. In hemolytic, red blood cells are eliminated quickly whereas in the other one, the marrow does not create sufficient numbers of red blood cells.

To treat hemolytic anemia, doctors will provide you with blood transfusions and steroids. To treat inherited bone marrow failure syndromes, doctors will provide you with steroids, drugs, and hormones. Some patients who suffer from hereditary anemia may receive stem cell or bone marrow transplant, but it carries risks.

Do you think you suffer from anemia? If you think you are anemic, you should visit Primary Care Physician in Houston to get a diagnosis on the type of anemia you have and the treatment plan best suited to treat the condition.

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