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Explore New Hypertension Guidelines with a Hypertension Specialist in Houston

With most medical conditions, there is always new information that can impact prevention and treatment. Hypertension is one of the most common cardiovascular issues that can have a serious impact on your health, but there are options to reduce risks and control this condition. Visiting a hypertension specialist in Houston can help you explore the newest guidelines for hypertension, giving you the latest options in protecting your health.

New Information on Hypertension Treatment

In 2017, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) released new hypertension guidelines. This is the first time the basic hypertension standard has been altered since 2003, with some significant changes. The overall message from the ACC and AHA is that hypertension should be treated at earlier stages to improve effectiveness. These new guidelines are now being implemented by medical professionals across the country and should be available from a hypertension specialist in Houston and other cities.

The new guidelines change what is considered ‘normal’ blood pressure range. In the past, the normal or only elevated range was below 140/90. Now, normal levels are lowered below 120/80, indicating that those above these levels have hypertension and should be seeking treatment or lifestyle changes. Experts estimate that those with hypertension have double the risk of having a cardiovascular problem, which is a good reason to learn more about the new guidelines from a hypertension specialist in Houston.

When to See a Hypertension Specialist in Houston

With the new guidelines for hypertension, anyone with a systolic of over 120 with a diastolic of under 80 is considered in the elevated state. Stage 1 hypertension is anyone with systolic of 130-139 or a diastolic of 80-89. Stage 2 hypertension is a systolic of 140 or above, or diastolic of 90 or more. Critical stages are those hitting 180 systolic or a diastolic of 120. For those with elevated blood pressure and higher, seeking the care of a hypertension specialist in Houston if recommended to find options to lower blood pressure to prevent risks of cardiovascular complications.

For those with stage 1, 2 or critical hypertension, it is possible that medication may be needed for controlling their blood pressure. These are options that you can explore with a hypertension specialist. Houston has many options for healthcare, including PCP for Life locations throughout the area.

At PCP for Life, we are your hypertension specialist in Houston, along with offering many other healthcare services. Contact one of our clinics to schedule your appointment to learn about the new hypertension guidelines with our hypertension specialist. Houston residents can call or book appointments online.

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