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Houston Comprehensive Family Care: Schedule Now for Summer Physicals

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner. The next few months will fly by faster than you can imagine, then it will be time for enrolling the kids in summer programs, and time for you to think about all the things you’d like to accomplish during those sweet summer months. With that in mind, now is the time to schedule those summer physicals.

Documentation of a current physical is required for many of the wonderful summer activities available to kids in Houston.  Comprehensive family care provides the healthcare you want for your family. You may be of a mind to take on some new activities yourself. Getting your physical will ensure your new level of activity will be good for you and not exacerbate any existing health problems.

The Benefits of Comprehensive Family Care

Whether your family consists of you alone or your extended family with kids, parents and/or grandparents, comprehensive family care provides healthcare for everyone.You won’t need to go to multiple sites to get everyone seen by a doctor. You may even be able to schedule a block of time to get many family members seen on the same day. This saves time and money.

Preventive care is important for optimum health and well being. Comprehensive care covers preventive care as well as all other necessary health care requirements, such as colds or flu. Houston comprehensive family care is holistic. It takes all things into consideration for the individual and the family. It isn’t only a matter of checking vital signs and routine care; comprehensive care goes deeper than the surface.

While surface care checks your physical health, comprehensive care looks at environmental factors as well. Emotional disturbances can have a direct effect on the body. So can life events and the environment at large. These things are considered in the practice of comprehensive family care. Your physical may reveal additional concerns, other than the winter paunch that need addressing. Scheduling your visit now will ensure that you get it taken care of, and it will give you a head start on attacking any health issues that need to be dealt with.

Getting to Know You

Part of what makes Houston comprehensive family care so effective is the time spent getting to know and understand patients. Rather than the assembly line mindset of getting patients in and out, comprehensive care is more personal and intentional.

Mindful health care providers get to know their patients and their patients’ bodies, over time. This nurtures collaboration between doctor and patient, built on trust, and paves the way for a healthier, happier life. Start with your summer physical. It’s a great way to get your summer off to a healthy start.

At PCP For Life, we take a holistic view of healthcare. We offer the families of Houston comprehensive family care because we know this form of healthcare is effective, efficient and essential to the best interests of our patients. Want to know more about comprehensive family care? Why not give us a call and make an appointment today.

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