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How a Regular Annual Physical Can Help Prevent Health Issues

Picture a beautiful home with a well-manicured lawn. Everything seems perfect. To keep it that way, regular maintenance is required. Without it, the lawn gets overgrown, weeds crop up, paint fades, gutters fill up with debris and before long you have a shambles. Our bodies are much the same way. Without proper maintenance, your health can end up in shambles. The preventive care Tomball physicians offer keeps you healthy and prevents problems from developing.

Preventive Care Saves Time and Money

Taking care of your body by eating healthy foods, getting plenty of rest and regular exercise are a big part of the good health equation. Getting a regular annual physical with your physician is another large part of that equation. Your doctor gets to know you and your body when you have regular annual physicals. The preventive care Tomball physicians offer can reveal brewing problems and discover potential issues before they develop into serious illnesses.

You may be unaware of a slight change in your skin, but your doctor can spot the abnormality and draw your attention to it. In its early stages it may not be an issue. Left unchecked, it could grow to have serious implications for your health. Addressing the condition before it has a chance to develop can save you both time and expense. Regular annual physicals allow your doctor to establish a baseline of health to which future visits can be compared.

An Annual Physical Helps You Stay Healthy

Consider the weight gain problem that plagues so many Americans. One pound a month isn’t much; at the end of a year that’s a gain of 12 pounds, which for some people can be easily lost. Five years later you’ve gained 60 pounds. With an annual physical your doctor can detect the trend and help you find the best way to address it.

Your physical reveals information about your weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and other aspects of your health of which you need to stay informed. Not knowing your body’s important numbers can have serious consequences. The preventive care Tomball physicians provide help you stay health and keep those numbers within healthy ranges.

Update Vaccines

Many diseases which used to cause disfigurement, disability and oftentimes death to thousands have been wiped out or mitigated because of vaccines. Keeping current on your vaccines ensures continued immunity against serious diseases such as tuberculosis, tetanus, hepatitis, and others.

Get healthy, stay healthy, with the preventive care Tomball physicians provide. Contact PCP for Life and schedule a physical examination. Don’t wait until you need a doctor to seek a doctor’s care.

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