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How to Differentiate Sinusitis from a Head Cold

A head cold’s symptoms are felt mostly around the head and in the sinuses. The symptoms include a stuffed/runny nose, sneezing, and a mild headache. In this regard, a head cold is very similar to a sinus infection. So, how are you sure what you think is a cold is not really sinusitis? Find out below:


  • A head cold and sinusitis share similar symptoms e.g. a stuffed or runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and fever.
  • Colds have been known to lead to sinusitis. This happens when the sinuses swell during a cold, and mucus, air, and bacteria get trapped in them.


  • Sinusitis is an infection that affects the air-filled sacs behind the nose while a cold is caused by a virus attacking the respiratory system.
  • A sinus infection has other symptoms not generally seen in colds. Symptoms like bad breath, pain in the teeth and the upper jaw, and a yellow/green discharge from the nose.
  • A cold generally resolves itself within a few days even without medical care. The symptoms of sinusitis remain prevalent for up to 4 weeks and treatment (or even surgery) may be needed to cure the condition.

If your cold has persisted for over 10 days and you feel any of the symptoms highlighted above, you may be suffering from a sinus infection. Visit a doctor immediately. If you live in the Greater Houston Area, you can visit a PCP for life facility for your sinusitis treatment.

You may book an appointment online via the PCP website.


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