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How to Find Affordable Quality Healthcare in Houston, TX

Many families have very little choice but to take a Russian-roulette approach to healthcare for themselves. They gamble that they will not get sick or need a doctor’s care, and when conditions get too bad, they go to the Emergency Room (ER). Because the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) makes it illegal for anyone to be turned away without emergency care, they will get the required care to take care of the emergency. But, this can be very dangerous and very expensive. They may indeed save the expense of insurance premiums and only pay the IRS penalty, $695 or 2.5 percent of their income. If both are working minimum wage jobs they probably do not have employer-provided insurance and so will pay close to the $695 penalty, until they get sick. Then, the real expense comes when they have a condition that requires emergency care.

Why not choose a group of doctors and specialists who will manage your healthcare needs, including routine and preventive care, and set up a payment plan if necessary?

What Is the Solution?

Always opt for generic medications when possible.Generic medications are much cheaper than their brand-name alternative. The brand-name is usually the one the doctor prescribes but it isnot always necessary to buy that brand. Ask your doctor if you can use the generic alternative. Since medication is an overwhelming part of medical treatments, using the generic can save you a good deal of money. Additionally, there are two options to use when you are not able to use the generic medication or if even the generic alternative is too costly. The first is, which helps you find discount prices for your medications, such as the $4 Generic Discount Drug Program and other programs. The other is, which can help you find coupons for your medication if you must use the brand-name product.

Another method of finding affordable quality healthcare in Houston, TX is through crowdfunding, such as using a GoFundMe or HEALFundr page. Normally, GoFundMe takes part of the total raised for expenses or profits, but HEALFundr is a non-profit division of and any amount raised over the needed amount are returned to the donor; or the donor has the option of donating it to or to others with related medical conditions.

Use low-cost or cost-free screenings whenever possible. Many clinics and hospitals provide an assortment of free screenings depending on the month or an event they are promoting. Free cancer screenings during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or some charitable organizations or community activities hold screenings before schools start, like the Lions Club and the American Legion Little League. Local pharmacies often provide school physicals, flu shots, immunizations and strep throat tests. It could save you the cost of a school physical or a flu shot.

PCP for Life Is an Option for Affordable Quality Healthcare in Houston, TX

Finding affordable quality healthcare in Houston, TX can be as easy as visiting PCP for Life. They are committed to providing comprehensive, affordable care for the entire family. With the price of health insurance and deductibles going ever higher, many families are looking for affordable options for quality healthcare. The families that used to be covered by their employers with low deductibles or affordable copays are more and more frequently having to find affordable alternatives. This is particularly true for families with children because deductibles for dependents have skyrocketed.

School-aged children need to be seen more frequently to receive mandatory vaccines to attend school or when there is a playground accident and an employer’s insurance does not cover it. Even with both parents working the costs of deductibles, co-payments or bearing the entire bill can soon become unbearable. One of the few remaining options for affordable healthcare is a primary care provider, such as PCP for Life.

Why PCP for Life?

The PCP for Life concept is a system of primary care providers and family practitioners. It provides access to a group of specialists that provide preventive and routine healthcare in a relaxed family-oriented environment in a medium-sized facility that permits lower overhead and expenses. This concept permits us to provide the affordable quality healthcare in Houston, TX everyone expects. We have a caring, professional staff at PCP for Life and we believe we should be your primary care managers.

We provide our patients with expert medical treatment and affordable quality healthcare for the entire family. For an initial appointment, simply fill out our convenient online contact form,or give us a call (281) 968-4096.

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