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What Information Can Help My Cough Doctor Help Me?

The quality health care you have come to expect from the PCP for Life team is based on compassionate care and communication. If you are experiencing a persistent cough, there are many factors to consider to correctly diagnose the cause and prescribe treatment. Your cough doctor will want to get some background information, and ask a few questions.

A cough is not so much a condition as it is a symptom. That means the cough is just a result of some underlying cause or condition. The more information you can offer your cough doctor, the more accurately he or she will be able to pinpoint the source of your coughing woes.

What Kind of Cough Do You Have?

Yes, there are different kinds of coughs. The differences between each can help your cough doctor narrow down what is causing the cough. For example, you may hear your doctor refer to a cough as “productive” or “non-productive”. What this means is that the cough does or does not produce mucus as a by-product. Your cough may be the body’s attempt to expel congestion or some foreign substance in the throat.

Conversely, a dry cough may be indicative of something else. Your cough doctor will need to know whether you have any allergies, and will also ask about your family’s medical history to identify any potential hereditary medical conditions.Coughing up blood or a persistent cough also point to more serious conditions.

Additional Symptoms and Possible Causes

Frequently, a cough will be just one of several symptoms which, when considered together, will aid your cough doctor in identifying the root condition that needs to be treated. Sinus headaches, runny nose, nausea, and sneezing all may point your doctor in the right direction.

Your cough doctor should also know whether you are a smoker, and what type of work you do. Some occupations involve handling certain products or working in special conditions which can affect the respiratory system. This is important screening information for your doctor.

A cough may be symptomatic of anything from a simple flu to pneumonia to a serious pulmonary condition. That is why it is so important for you to communicate as much as possible with your cough doctor to get a clear picture of what is causing the cough.

Partnering with You for Healthier Living

At PCP for Life, we believe the foundation of a successful health care plan begins with an open dialogue between patient and caregiver. On your first visit with us, we will welcome you to the PCP family and give you an opportunity to share your concerns and questions with us so we can give you the health care you deserve.

But it doesn’t end there. Throughout your treatment, and with each visit to our office, we encourage you to communicate, as we are committed to keep you informed about every aspect of your health care.

Call or visit us today to begin your journey toward quality care with an accent on compassion. We welcome you and each member of your family. We accept most major insurance plans and offer financing options, too.

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