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Lower Health Costs With Preventive Care in Tomball

Everyone likes tips on how to save money. Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars with preventive care? Tomball is home to some of the best medical professionals around.Most would rather help prevent illness than have to treat it. There will always be sickness in the world, however, some of the sickness that gets spread between people can be prevented. Some of the illness that people develop can also be prevented, when enough information is known about the condition before it has a chance to manifest.

Three Types of Prevention

Most people are unaware there are actually three types of preventive care. Tomball residents interested in lowering health costs may be interested in the importance of these three types of preventive care.

Primary prevention has to do with prevention of an illness or disease before it has an opportunity to develop. Vaccinations are an example of primary prevention.There are high costs associated with illnesses that could be prevented through vaccination. Another example is starting an exercise routine to stay healthy and prevent obesity.

When the progression or impact of a disease is halted, this is known as secondary prevention. An example of this would be developing a heart-healthy diet and exercise plan, for a person with borderline hypertension. While the person still has to be aware of high blood pressure, taking measures to keep it from getting worse is a form of prevention.

Tertiary prevention is more about mitigating the impact of disease. Using the example of diabetes, regular visits to the eye doctor for signs of early diabetic retinopathy is a form of tertiary prevention.

How Preventive Care in Tomball Lowers Your Costs

If you take advantage of your health insurance and go for regular checkups and annual physicals, you are already lowering your health care costs. When your doctor makes suggestions about things to do or things to avoid to help you stay healthy, and you take the advice, health care costs are lowered.

When you take a look at obesity, as one example, you can see clearly how it works. If your doctor notices a weight gain and brings it to your attention, you can ignore it, or you can address it. Addressing it comes in the form of eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly. Continue to ignore it, and you gain more weight, opening the door for a variety of health issues, such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiac problems, just to name a few. With each of those maladies comes the cost of medications, doctor visits, illness, and other inconveniences and problems as the disease progresses.

At PCP for Life, our health care professionals encourage patients to make their health a number one priority. Why not give us a call, and lets have a discussion about preventive care. Tomball residents deserve great health care, and at PCP for Life that’s what we provide.

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