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Making the Most of Your Medicare Insurance

It’s a vital government service that helps keep healthcare costs manageable, but are you getting the most out of your Medicare insurance? Learn how you can maximize your coverage while minimizing costs.

Understanding Medicare Insurance

Medicare insurance offers coverage to people 65 and older, people with disabilities and those with certain health conditions. Because it’s a multi-part system, navigating the basic landscape of Medicare coverage can be daunting for many people. There are two primary options when it comes to Medicare: original Medicare in conjunction with a Medigap supplement plan or Medicare Advantage. Both come with their own drawbacks and advantages, so there’s no one-size-fits-all best option.

Maximizing Medicare Coverage

The best way to get the most out of your coverage is to make sure you have the right kind of Medicare insurance for your unique needs. Unfortunately, the system can be so difficult to manage people often end up with coverage that isn’t ideally suited to their needs.

Every state in the United States offers a State Health Assistance Program which offers free counseling to help you understand coverage, enrollment and the intricacies of the Medicare system. Your counselor can also help you locate other programs which may help pay more of your Medicare expenses if you qualify for assistance. It’s also wise be sure you’re taking advantage of free preventative care services like annual wellness exams, screenings, vaccinations and tobacco cessation programs.

If it’s time for your annual checkup, call us today at PCP for Life. Our expert staff is standing by to offer not only care for acute and chronic illness management, but also preventative care.

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