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Managing Hypertension

Hypertension Specialist Houston

Elevated blood pressure is, sadly, very common in our society. If you are having serious troubles with blood pressure, you should contact a doctor immediately as high blood pressure can have dire consequences. We want to make it clear that these tips are only for people who have had their hypertension diagnosed by a doctor and are taking the medicines prescribed to them. As long as you make the right lifestyle choices, you will be able to manage hypertension. We would recommend the following even if you do not have hypertension, because prevention is always better than cure.

Manage your weight

Obesity is one of the worst things you can couple with hypertension. When you are obese, your organs get weaker. Hypertension and obesity is often a lethal combination so do not take this lightly. Start exercising and eating less and you will start feeling the change. Yes, weight loss is very hard, but if you have hypertension then weight loss is a necessity. You need to be at a normal weight to live a long and active life.


You need to exercise even if you aren’t overweight. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym and overwork yourself; even light exercises and cardio can be great for you. One of our favorite such activity is to go running. Choose some good music, find a good park or route near your house, and you will soon be addicted to running. You will also feel like there is more energy in you and you will be healthier overall.


Meditating has sadly been maligned by its association with magic and other such concepts. You do not need to believe in any mumbo jumbo in order to meditate. You do not need to think that you are becoming one with the spirit of the world either. All you have to do is close your eyes and try to stop your thoughts. If you do not believe us, simply try closing your eyes for 10 minutes and sit in a comfortable position. You will be surprised at how calming it is. You will immediately feel a difference in your stress levels.
Meditating is hard to concentrate on in the beginning because your mind keeps wandering; this is perfectly normal, do not try to force yourself to become calm because that will only lead to more stress.


DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) is a great set of ideas which will help you manage hypertension in your food. DASH recommends a diet filled with fruits, grain, vegetables, and low-fat products. Eating right will make a huge difference in your blood pressure levels. Try to limit the intake of sodium as much as you can. Fast food is one of the worst sources of sodium; some fast food items contain as much as 2 times the recommended amount of sodium! You should also eat foods which are rich in potassium, as potassium is known to combat the effects of sodium in the body.

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