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Payment Plans Make Medical Care Affordable Again

Payment plans are one of the most needed options for most families to make medical care affordable again. You’ll be relieved to know that PCP for Life offers reasonable payment plans for our patients. Your health care is important to us.We never want you to go without the help you need, especially due to cost.

Many procedures and tests can be expensive, even after your insurance pays their portion of the bill. Too often, people struggle without proper care because they can’t afford a large medical bill. Our staff will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget.

Payment Plans Are Part of Our Preferred Customer Care

At PCP for Life, our customers can expect preferred treatment in every interaction with us. Not only will you receive the best medical care provided by our excellent staff, but we make sure you’re treated right in our business office as well. We know medical care is expensive and insurance doesn’t cover all your expense. Our friendly office staff is pleased to help you make all the arrangements you need.

We will always bill your insurance for all covered costs, but the balance and any services that are not covered are your responsibility. We will gladly set up pre-approved payment plans to help you pay your remaining expense. Our payment plans begin as low as $10 a month, so you can work them into your budget with ease.

We do ask that you discuss your need for a payment plan before you incur the costs; this allows you to know exactly how your automated payment plan will work. Once the stress of how to pay for your procedure is eliminated, you can focus your energy on returning to a state of good health.

PCP for Life Payment Plans Are Part of Our Commitment to You

We know there are several components to excellent medical care for your family. Professional care, convenient hours and our helpful staff are all great reasons to count on PCP for Life for your regular medical care. We work as a team to provide you with everything you need to stay in excellent health.


Our payment plans are just one part of our ongoing commitment to you. You can depend on PCP for Life to offer professional medical treatment with state-of-the-art technology. Our doctors bring you the very best professional care in a friendly atmosphere, so your whole family’s health care is in the best hands available. Call PCP for Life today to schedule your appointment.


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