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Precautions To Take Before Travelling For The Holiday Season

If you are planning to travel for the holiday season, then you need to make sure you take the right precautions. Doing this will help you to stay safe and give you the chance to enjoy your holiday much more. Visiting your PCP beforehand can also help, as you can get up to date with all of your vaccinations, including the coronavirus vaccine.

Research any restrictions before you book

You have to make sure you research COVID-19 restrictions before you book your flight. Specifically, keep in mind that everything is subject to change. For example, you will need a PCR test before being able to board any plane. Additionally, many countries are requiring PCR tests and other protocols before you can enter and exit the country, which is important to know beforehand so you aren’t having to worry about it while travelling.

Wear a Mask

Another thing that you can do is to wear a mask. Wearing a mask helps keep you safe while protecting those around you. Almost all airlines and airports require masks, so it is important to have one at all times. It is recommended to wear a surgical mask; however, a reusable one is also fine. Wearing a mask is the best way for you to keep you and your family safe while you fly and walk around areas that may have lots of people and a high chance of the spread of COVID-19.

Socially Distance

Even though the CDC has relaxed requirements on practicing social distancing, you should continue to practice it in places that have lots of people in one area. While you can’t really social distance on an airplane, you can stay 6 ft. away from others while you are at the airport or hotel. Social distancing is extremely important for those that haven’t got the vaccine, and those who have gotten it should still practice it as much as possible.

Get the Vaccine

Getting the vaccine before you fly will help keep you safe when you are in crowded places. The vaccine essentially reduces the risk of you ending up in the hospital, should you contract the coronavirus. On top of this, it also helps you to access certain places. In France, for example, many places require a health pass, a negative test, or your vaccine status before you enter any cafes, supermarkets or restaurants. It’s very easy to get a vaccine from your primary care physician, so if you are due to undergo a regular check-up or if you are simply picking up a prescription, make sure that you enquire about getting the vaccine while you’re there. It’s a very simple process, and the vaccine has been tried and tested to ensure its efficiency.

Get Tested

Regular testing is essential if you want to stay safe during the holidays. Your PCP clinic can advise you on the tests you will need to do if you are vaccinated, which should make things easier.

If you are looking to get a COVID-19 vaccine or PCR test, then you have come to the right place! PCP For Life is your one-stop clinic for all your medical needs. To learn more about what we can do to help or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 281-968-4096.

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