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Spring Allergy Preventive Care in Tomball

Spring is the season for renewal. Flowers in bloom, birds returning from their southerly retreats, and allergies in the air. Yes, unfortunately the return of spring also signals the start of allergy season. It can’t all be good news, but there is hope for allergy sufferers, with allergy preventive care in Tomball.

You may not be able to prevent allergy season’s arrival, but there’s plenty you can do to prevent allergens from spoiling your springtime pleasures. Don’t let the threat of allergies keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Take a few preventive steps to make your springtime in Tomball everything it can be.

Clear the Air, Clean Your Home

Since many allergens are airborne, one big step in preventive care in Tomball is to keep the air you breathe as free of allergens as possible. That can start with a good spring cleaning of your air conditioning registers and a filter change.

Dust and other particulates are notorious for causing allergies and respiratory difficulties. Take the time to give a good dusting to surfaces around the home with an antimicrobial cleaner and cloth. It may be worth spending a bit more when replacing the filter in your home air and heating system by choosing a replacement that is rated for allergen protection.

Wash bedding in warm water and soap to reduce allergens, clean ceiling fan blades, and use cleaning products that will kill mold in bathrooms and other areas prone to mold and mildew. Humidity is a key environmental factor in the development of mold and a breeding ground for allergens.
A quality dehumidifier might be a good investment to keep your home air clean of allergens. It will help maintain a humidity level that will keep dust mites away, and a comfortable level for your sinus, too.

Medical Preventive Care in Tomball

There are many effective allergy medications you can buy over the counter, antihistamines to relieve allergy symptoms, and nasal sprays for allergy relief as well. Your PCP can also provide you with an allergy shot for additional preventive care in Tomball, or for allergy symptoms that won’t respond to OTC products.

Dietary Preventive Care

Your fight against allergies this spring can include a few changes to your diet to further reduce the effects of allergens. Infuse your meals with foods rich in antioxidants such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, and green tea. Omega-3, a powerful anti-inflammatory that will combat allergic symptoms, can be taken as a supplement or found in foods like fish.
A good diet along with a weight management program will keep your body healthier and make breathing easier, two important factors in the battle against allergies.

When pollen counts are high, limit your outdoor activities; and when you are outside, wear sunglasses to guard against eye irritants like pollen.
Ask your PCP for Life doctor about what other preventive care in Tomball is available for you. Our highly-trained staff can assist you with the quality medical care you need to get the most out of life this spring. Call and schedule an appointment today.


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