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6 Throat Illnesses And The Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring

December 15, 2022

Do you often feel like something is caught in your throat? Are you constantly clearing your throat, or have a hoarse voice?  If so, you might be suffering from one of several common throat illnesses. Specifically, many people ignore these symptoms, thinking they will go away on their own.  Unfortunately, this can lead to more … Continue reading “6 Throat Illnesses And The Symptoms You Might Be Ignoring”

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Audio/Tympanogram Services – What is a Tympanogram?

July 22, 2015

In order to detect problems in the middle ear, a test called Tympanometry is performed. This is an objective test used for the determination of the middle ear function and should not be considered as a hearing test per se. The graphical illustration of this test result is known as a Tympanogram. How Is It … Continue reading “Audio/Tympanogram Services – What is a Tympanogram?”

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