COVID Vaccine Updates: Valued patients, At this time our clinic does not have COVID Vaccines. As more vaccines become available for general public, we will make announcements to advise our patients. Thank you for your patience.


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Three Vaccinations to Ask Your Primary Care Doctor in Houston About

October 12, 2018

Primary care doctors in Houston have concerns about people opting out of vaccinations, and for good reasons. Early ln the previous century polio was a dreaded disease that left millions of people disabled or dead. Small pox was another disease that ran through populations and left them decimated. Influenza had the same effect and measles … Continue reading “Three Vaccinations to Ask Your Primary Care Doctor in Houston About”

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Confused About the Flu Vaccination? This is Why It’s Important

July 24, 2018

A serious case of influenza is considerably more debilitating than body aches and a fever. This illness can cause you to be hospitalized and at its worst can be fatal. While there seems to be widespread confusion about whether or not the flu vaccination is necessary, if you have ever had a true case of … Continue reading “Confused About the Flu Vaccination? This is Why It’s Important”

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