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There’s No Care like Preventive Care in Tomball

You may be surprised to learn about 80% of 911 calls people make are not really emergencies. To address this issue, Houston has implemented a telemedicine service, which is helpful to area residents as well as overtaxed hospitals. The Emergency TeleHealth and Navigation system (ETHAN) reduces the vast majority of unnecessary emergency room visits. This is a very good thing, because, on a daily basis, it also reduces the number of flashing red lights and sirens going off. Even better than that is preventive care in Tomball.

The Advantages of Preventive Care in Tomball

Brushing and flossing your teeth and making regular visits to the dentist are routine parts of prevention where oral health is concerned. Physical health can also be enhanced through preventive measures. Preventive care means you save on time and money. Visits to the emergency room can take hours out of your day, not to mention dollars out of your pocket. Going to the clinic to deal with issues that could be prevented takes time and money you could spend on other things. Of course, one of the obvious advantages to preventive care is you feel good because your health is in check!

Preventive Measures at Home

There are many things you can do regarding preventive care in Tomball that don’t require a trip to the doctor’s office. Did you know one of the best ways to keep dementia at bay is exercise? And not just brain exercises, either. Staying in motion reduces the risk of serious health problems, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. These are all risk factors for dementia.

Regular exercise also contributes to your general fitness. It helps with coordination, balance and muscle control. Kids need exercise more than ever these days. Most of the kids who are overweight spend too much time with video games or in front of a computer screen or television.

Eating healthy foods is another way to practice prevention. Keep your body fueled with the right foods, like green leafy vegetables, healthy proteins, healthy fats and healthy carbs, and you will find you have more energy, healthier looking skin and a better-working brain.

How We can Help

There are also preventive steps you should take with your healthcare that include a trip to PCP for Life. Just like you need an annual visit to the dentist for optimal oral health, your general health will benefit from your annual physical. This is when we check all your vital signs and monitor any changes that could indicate a problem brewing. Lab work is also part of prevention, in that we can tell if you need to make any changes to your diet. It will also look for any signs of disease that might be beginning to show, sometimes before you recognize the symptoms yourself. Vaccines are another part of a preventive regime. If you haven’t yet scheduled your annual physical, why not give us a call now, while it’s on your mind? We’re happy to make an appointment for your preventive care in Tomball at PCP for Life.


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