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Three Vaccinations to Ask Your Primary Care Doctor in Houston About

Primary care doctors in Houston have concerns about people opting out of vaccinations, and for good reasons. Early ln the previous century polio was a dreaded disease that left millions of people disabled or dead. Small pox was another disease that ran through populations and left them decimated. Influenza had the same effect and measles attacked unborn children who entered the world with permanent disabilities because their mothers contracted the disease.

Getting Educated about Vaccinations

Many parents are opting out of having their children vaccinated. Misinformation spread through media causes parents to second guess the benefits of vaccinations. Some feel that there is little to no threat of these diseases now, so vaccination is not necessary. Others have been led to believe that vaccinations are wrong or bad. Still other object for religious reasons.

People have a right to decide whether they want to take precautionary steps to guard their health and that of their children. Parents have an obligation to do what they believe is best for their children. To understand what is best, it is necessary to consult reliable sources and get accurate information so your decisions whether to have a vaccination are well informed. Your primary care doctor in Houston is one of those sources.

Three Important Vaccinations

You have the right to ask your doctor about any vaccination he or she recommends. You also have the right to refuse to get vaccinated; however, before you flat out refuse, why not ask about these preventive measures. Three vaccinations you may want to ask about are the flu vaccine, the DTaP vaccine and MMR vaccine. There are other vaccines as well – polio, chicken pox, pneumonia, hepatitis B.

Your primary care doctor in Houston can answer all the questions you may have about these vaccines. The flu vaccine is given annually. It is suggested that kids and the elderly have this vaccine because the flu virus has the most devastating effect on these two age groups.

The DTaP vaccine is given for immunity against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Tetanus causes debilitating muscle spasms. You may have heard people say that tetanus causes lockjaw. This bacterial infection is very painful and can be fatal. Diphtheria is also a serious bacterial infection. This one attacks the mucous membranes. Treatment prevents severe damage to the nervous system and kidneys. Like tetanus, diphtheria can also be fatal.

Mumps, measles and rubella, or German measles as it is also known, are highly contagious diseases. When children get these diseases, they can be mild but leave lasting effects. Pregnant women have serious problems with rubella. Mumps can be quite serious in some instances. It is rare that they cause sterility, though it does happen. Other rare complications include meningitis and encephalitis. The MMR vaccination provides immunity against these viruses.

Ask Your Primary Care Doctor in Houston About Vaccines

Before you refuse vaccinations, talk to your primary care doctor and get reliable information about the vaccines, the benefits and the risks. When you have an accurate view of the entire picture, then your decision will be better informed. The doctors at PCP for Life are happy to speak with you about the pros and cons of vaccinations. Call us and schedule your appointment for a consultation.

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