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Top Tips for Eating Nutritiously on the Run

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Almost every other person is in a rush nowadays. This is because people hardly ever get a break from their busy lifestyles, which also means there’s very little time to pay attention to what you’re eating. Even though eating out isn’t recommended, there are a few days where you just have no other option. It goes without saying that not every person has enough time to make his/her own meals at home on a daily basis.
But first things first: if you are eating out on a regular basis then you should know this is definitely disastrous for your health. Restaurants tend to add hidden fats and sugars to anything from salads to sandwiches. Without even knowing, you might be eating over double the amount of calories you believe you’re consuming.
The fortunate thing is that there are a few smart ways through which you can eat nutritiously while on the run. The following are some tips and suggestions which will help you make the better choice if you are ever eating a meal while on the go.

    • Always plan ahead. If you have to eat out then consider the available options you will have for a meal. You need to try and go to a place which offers a range of options on its menu.


    • Consider topping items such as baked potatoes with fresh broccoli, salsa, or some grated cheese rather than butter and sour cream. This will help you decrease fat and calories from your meal.


    • Limit your consumption of alcohol. If you check the alcohol guidelines, you will find out that women aren’t supposed to drink more than one glass per day while the limit for men is two glasses per day. Alcohol increases your appetite while also providing additional calories without any nutritional value.


    • Add lettuce, peppers, tomato, and other vegetables to your sandwiches. This will increase their nutritional value.


    • Always eat your vegetables first. Salads or soups are definitely good options.


    • Start eating a healthy breakfast every day. A breakfast which is packed with protein is certainly the best way to start off your day. Stay away from large-sized portions of croissants, bagels, biscuits, and muffins. You should know that any jumbo muffin has over twice the calories and fat as compared to the regular size.


  • In case you can’t fit in a relaxed meal to your hectic schedule, keep nonperishable and portable foods in your briefcase or purse to get a meal on the run. Crackers and peanut butter, trail mix, fresh fruit, granola bars, as well as single serve packages of crackers or whole grain cereal are a good options.
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