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Type 1 Diabetes: Which Insulin Program is Right For You?

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The insulin program plays one of the most critical roles in the life of a person with Type 1 Diabetes. It influences the way diabetic people live their life. It controls when they need to eat their food, participate in an activity, and go to bed. Therefore, it becomes pertinent for people with Type 1 Diabetes to select an insulin program that lets them gain control over their life than the other way around. Here are five insulin programs that are available for an individual with Type 1 Diabetes:

1. The Beater

The Beater is an old insulin program, which was widely popular in the 1980s and 1990s, as people preferred its simplicity. This program requires a diabetic patient to take two injections each day. Since you are only injecting yourself with insulin twice a day, it will put a restriction on your meal times, meaning you will have to consume meals according to the program to avoid an increase or decrease in blood sugar level.

If the meals you consume each day are not so different from each other, the beater program will be the right choice for you. If you want more flexibility in the times you can eat your meal, perhaps, another program may a right fit for you.

2. The Economy CompactThe Economy Compact changes the time you are suppose to have your injections. On this program, you will not be required to take the injection at breakfast and then at dinner. Instead, you will take an injection in the morning, dinner, and at night. Again, it will limit your flexibility, as you will have to eat accordingly.

3. The Station WagonThe Station Wagon is similar to a rigorous exercise routine where you are required to take your injection five times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, and bedtime. You have more control over what you eat and at what times, as it tells you to take insulin with every meal you eat. Injecting yourself several times a day might become a hassle so you may want to use pens instead of syringes.

4. The Muscle CarThe Muscle Car requires you to take insulin at breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, and at a specific time in the day. This program provides you with 24 hours coverage, as you are told to take a different formula that acts as long acting insulin. On this program, a diabetic patient will feel fewer lows and have a better control over their Type 1 Diabetes.

5. The Engineered ImportThe Engineered Import is an insulin pump attached to your body. After every few minutes, the pump will administer small doses of insulin into the body. You will need to change the infusion set, which is inserted beneath your skin, after a few days. It lets you program and adjust insulin levels, as a result, giving you full control over your eating, sleeping, and activity patterns.

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