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Vision Testing Services

pcp for life, VISION TESTING SERVICES Houston

Today, a vast majority of the population wears glasses and contact lenses. So, when it comes down to it, when should one have their eyes checked? The answer is to get them checked every year on a regular basis. In order to accurately measure your vision distortion, you can visit your nearest optometrist to get your eyes tested. The eye vision test will determine what level of corrective lenses you require to see properly, and your spectacles will then be made according to the exact specification in the test result.

The normal procedures included in eye exams are as follows:


This is normally the first eye exam that your doctor will conduct in order to measure the estimated level of your visual disturbance. Retinoscopy is a procedure used to obtain the measurement of refractive errors in a patient’s eyes. Using a retinoscope, your optometrist will shine light into your eyes and observe the reflexes in your retina.


Retinoscopy is followed by the test of refraction, with which the doctor will determine the precise prescription. Your optometrist will place a phoropter on your eyes, which is similar in shape to the spectacles that we wear; and test your vision with a series of lenses, while asking you to read letters on a board that become smaller as you progress through each line. This continues until you have the right combination of lenses in both eyes for a completely clear vision.

Aberrometers and Autorefractors

This is another specialized test your doctor can perform to determine your prescription automatically. You are requested to place your chin on both these devices while you focus on a single object or point of light.

Cover test

A cover test is perhaps the most common of all tests to find out whether and if your eyes are working perfectly. This test is used to find the two types of ocular deviation, namely tropia and phoria. A tropia is the incorrect alignment of the eyes when both eyes are not covered. A phoria only emerges when viewing is broken and both eyes can no longer focus on the same object.

Slit-lamp examination

This particular examination is one that allows your optometrist to magnify the structures in your eyes to determine the condition of your eyes and to evaluate whether there are signs of disease and infection. You are asked to place your chin on an object that looks like a microscope and then light is shone into your eyes to check their condition.

Eye vision testing has become quite simple nowadays and can be done quickly at PCP For Life at one of our many locations in the Houston, TX area. If you feel that your vision is distorted, it is crucial that you get your eyes tested and get corrected lenses for yourself, as soon as possible. Depending on how fast you get your corrective eyewear will determine whether, you will be wearing them for a couple of months, a couple of years, or for your entire lifetime.

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