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Why Should You Visit Your Doctor for Annual Physicals?

annual physical houston

You should visit your primary care physician for annual physicals because it is vital for the well-being of your health. The visits will help you stay one-step ahead of illnesses and diseases and it will allow the physicians to catch any early signs of ailment.

Most people do not even realize they are ill with a disease, until the signs become evident. The annual physicals will consist of the physician taking your blood pressure, checking your weight, and other tests you request. People diagnosed with a serious illness should not neglect visiting their doctor for an annual physical.

Visiting Your Primary Care Physician

On your next visit to your primary care physician, prepare for it by doing the following:

  • Make a list of all the medications you take

  • Make a list of any health concerns you have

  • Take a copy of your medical records and your family‚Äôs medical records

  • Make a list of all the previous physicians you have gone to if you are going to a new one

  • Go over your health plan to make sure you comprehend your medical coverage and contact the physician beforehand to see the type of tests they will perform during the annual physical

  • You can inform the physician not to perform certain tests if your health plan does not cover them

The Purpose of Annual Physicals

The purpose of annual physicals is:

  • To indentify if you are at risk for chronic medical illnesses

  • To detect symptomless diseases

  • Acts as a way for physicians to educate people about practicing healthy behaviors

  • Updates clinical data

  • Creates a meaning and lasting relation between you and the medical professional

  • People who have been planning their annual physicals for quite a long time, but giving importance to other activities and events should not put it off any longer. They should get in touch with their primary care physician immediately, as delaying the process can mean the difference between bad and worse health.

The Importance of Annual Physicals Grows with Age

As you age, your risk of contracting diseases grows with it. You need to visit your primary care physician as your get older. You need to be on top of the disease before they have a chance to target you and worsen your condition.

If you have a family history of diseases developing at a later stage, it is ever more important for you not to neglect visiting the physician for an annual physical. Moreover, depending on your condition, you may need to visit your physician more regularly. On your visit to the physician, ask them on how often you should come.

Contact Primary Care in Houston to schedule your annual physical. You can visit our clinic whenever you want, as we are open seven days a week. For us, your health matters! That is why, we only have the best and most qualified physicians to help you bounce back and become healthy again.

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