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What are The Best Things To Eat After A Colonoscopy?

If you wonder “what are the best things to eat after a colonoscopy,” you are not alone! It may be challenging to understand the best foods for your body after you have a colonoscopy. With this in mind, we will take a look at the foods you should and shouldn’t eat after a colonoscopy. Additionally, It is essential to know that your primary care physician, like PCP For Life, will guide you on the best practices you need after going through a colonoscopy.

What exactly is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a type of screening test done under conscious sedation to help detect potential health problems in your colon. For example, a colonoscopy can detect if you have colorectal cancer or even polyps. 

When you go through a colonoscopy, you tend to get dehydrated. For that reason, it’s vital to make sure you’re putting enough electrolytes and fluids back in your body. Furthermore, this is another reason why what you eat and drink is hugely crucial after your procedure.

Your primary care physician, like those at PCP For Life, will recommend what you need to eat and drink. Furthermore, you’ll most likely be advised to drink many fluids and eat soft, easy to digest foods that won’t hurt your colon.

Remember, everyone is different, so the diet you’ll need may differ from what someone else may need. 

So, what foods should I eat after a colonoscopy?

It is best to drink and eat things that are gentle on your digestive system. In addition, to avoid dehydration, drink lots of fluids and fluid-based foods. 

Your physician may recommend maintaining a soft, low-residue diet after your procedure. For example, this consists of low-fiber foods and dairy, which are very easy to digest and don’t produce much stool.

Here are some foods and drinks you can have after a colonoscopy:

  • water
  • fruit juice
  • herbal tea
  • a drink with electrolytes
  • soup
  • pudding
  • yogurt
  • scrambled eggs
  • applesauce
  • graham crackers
  • vegetable juice                                                                                                                

Again, the critical things to keep in mind is that the best kind of diet to have after a colonoscopy is something that includes soft food or a drink that can replenish your dehydration.

On the other hand, there are foods and drinks you should avoid after your procedure, including: 

  • fried food
  • alcoholic beverages
  • corn
  • nuts
  • popcorn
  • spices
  • any hard-to-digest meat

Are you in need of a colonoscopy?

We hope the question “what are the best things to eat after a colonoscopy” is a bit more clear! Furthermore, If you need a colonoscopy, you have come to the right place! PCP For Life offers colonoscopies at a very reasonable price! We are your local primary care physician in the Greater Houston Area, and we want to ensure you have a physician that sincerely cares about you and your loved ones! 

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