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What Every Woman Needs to Know About Bone Density

Our bones support nearly every part of the body. Maintaining your bone density is important for muscle function, strength, calcium storage, and overall health. However, many women struggle to maintain their bone density, especially after menopause. Keep reading to learn why bone strength is an issue for so many women and how your doctor can help.

Estrogen and Bone Density

While bone density is important for all people, women are more likely to deal with low bone density. Women tend to have smaller skeletal frames and thinner bones than men, making them more prone to breakage. Women also deal with bone loss as they age due to their estrogen production. Estrogen, one of the key reproductive hormones in women, helps to maintain bone strength. Estrogen production sharply declines after menopause, which can impact the bone strength of post-menopausal women.

Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Osteoporosis, or low bone density, can affect men and women of all ages and races. However, a woman’s risk for developing the condition increases with age and is highest after menopause. Caucasian and Asian women are at the highest risk for developing osteoporosis.

Visiting Your Doctor

Fortunately, your doctor can monitor your bone density and help you to prevent bone loss. Visiting your doctor regularly will allow you to monitor changes in your bone density so you can take action quickly. At PCP For Life, we can test your bone density, calcium levels, and more. We can also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can keep your bones strong naturally. For more information, call us at 281-968-4096 today.

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