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What You Need To Know About An Annual Wellness Visit: PCP For Life

Every year, thousands of Medicare patients do not take advantage of an annual wellness visit. Most do not go through with it because they are not aware of what it really is. Today, we will look at what an annual wellness visit is so that you can understand why you may need it and how it can benefit you!

What Exactly Is An Annual Wellness Visit?

During this annual appointment, your primary care physician will work on your personalized prevention plan. This may include creating a plan or making further updates based on your current situation. Keeping a personalized plan helps prevent certain illnesses and diseases caused by specific risk factors and your current health situation. It is important to note that an annual wellness visit is not the same thing as a physical. 

What Else Will Be Checked During The Visit?

In addition to the development of your personalized prevention plan, your PCP may: 

  • Conduct a health risk assessment
  • Check your weight, blood pressure, height, and other vital measurements
  • Test your cognitive and functional ability
  • Take the time to learn about your family and medical history
  • Screen for certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and different types of dementia
  • Provide advice to help maintain proper health
  • Provide counseling services to reduce individual risk factors and increase your wellness

How Much Does The Appointment Cost?

If you go to a participating provider of Medicare, like PCP For Life, you won’t have to pay a single dollar! Original Medicare, if applicable, will cover all costs related to the appointment! In addition, a Medicare Advantage Plan will cover your visit without administering copayments, coinsurance, or even deductibles! However, you will need to see an in-network provider while also meeting the requirements for the appointment. 

Do You Need A PCP Who Can Conduct An Annual Wellness Visit?

If you need an annual wellness visit, you have come to the right place! PCP For Life can help ensure you get a yearly wellness visit hassle-free! We are your local primary care physician in the Greater Houston area, and we want to ensure you have a PCP that sincerely cares about your needs! To learn more about the services we provide, call us today at 281-968-4096. In addition, you can visit our website at

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