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What You Need to Know About Face Masks

Do you need to wear a face mask? With recommendations changing so often, it can be hard to tell. It’s now generally recommended that everyone covers their mouth outside of the home. However, you need to wear the right kind of face-covering and use it correctly. Below, we will give you some facts on face masks so you can stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Are Face Masks Really Necessary?

In short, the answer is yes. While face masks do not completely eliminate the spread of germs, they can help to reduce them. This is especially true if someone coughs or sneezes. It’s also important to remember that a person with COVID-19 might not have any symptoms. This means that you might be spreading the coronavirus without realizing it. Masks help to keep both you and those around you safe when you leave the house.

What to Use- And What Not to Use

The CDC recommends that people wear cloth face masks when they leave their homes. These masks reusable masks are effective and easy to use. They can also be easily made at home. While you might see people wearing disposable surgical masks or N95 masks, these are not recommended for people in non-medical situations. These supplies are in high demand, which means they need to be saved for doctors, nurses, and other essential workers.

Wearing Your Mask Correctly

Be sure to wear your mask so that it covers the bridge of your nose, your mouth, and the sides of your face. Both your nose and your mouth need to be covered at all times. Try not to adjust your mask without washing your hands before. Also, be sure to wash your hands after you remove your mask and wash your cotton mask after each use.

Taking Charge of Your Health

Covering your mouth is an important step we can all take to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, it’s not the only thing you need to do to stay healthy. Practice social distancing and monitor your symptoms if you do not feel well. PCP for Life is taking every precaution possible to keep patients safe if they need to visit our office. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 by clicking here.

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