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Why Medication Should Be Taken Regularly and Tips On How To Do It

Medication is essential to our health and our ability to recover from an illness or stay healthy as a preventative measure. Many people are afraid to take medications because they believe they can handle getting better on their own. On the other hand, many can be forgetful and don’t take their medications when they are supposed to. 

Whichever category you fall into, it is best to take any medication that is prescribed to you by your doctor. At PCP For Life, we take the health of our patients very seriously, and here are reasons why you should take medication and a few tips on how to do it. 

Medications Can Regulate Certain Systems

Prescribed medications from doctors at PCP For Life are prescribed with a purpose. Specifically, they may help regulate certain systems. 

For example, one system that can be regulated is the cardiovascular system. The heart needs a little extra TLC after years of beating nonstop, and sometimes medication can help keep that system stay healthy by lowering cholesterol, strengthening arteries, and keeping your blood thin enough to flow freely through your body. If you stop taking these meds, you could have a heart attack.

Medications Give You Vital Nutrients 

Our bodies don’t get the right amount of nutrients as we get older; therefore, some medications help us stay healthy. At PCP For Life, our doctors will prescribe vitamins to keep your organs healthy and medications that will regulate your sugar so you don’t become diabetic.

If we see a need, we may prescribe something like glucosamine to keep your joints lubricated and healthy. These medications will help you maintain your health so that you can continue to be vibrant. If you stop taking them, you may sustain an injury or develop life threatening conditions. 

It may seem difficult to remember to take your medication, but here are a few tricks to make it happen.

Get A Pill Box

It is highly recommended to get a pill box with the days of the week on it. You can put all of your medication in each day of the week so that you know if you have taken your medication or not. 

Specifically, place the box in a place that you always go to like the bathroom or near the kitchen sink. When you see the box, you will be reminded to take your medication and you will know by the day if you missed it or not. 

Set An Alarm On Your Phone

With modern technology, you can set a daily alarm on your phone to go off when it’s time to take your medication. Set the alarm for a time when you know that you are typically home. This allows you to not have to worry about bringing your pill box with you everywhere you go. We recommend setting your alarm for the morning and taking your pills with your breakfast. 

If you need medication, then PCP For Life can help. Call us today at 281-968-4096 and schedule an appointment with one of our physicians in order to set yourself up to get a plan created for you to help make your life healthier.  

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