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Why Quarterly Visits To A PCP Are Required For Proactive Healthcare

Everyone knows you should visit a primary care physician when you are experiencing poor health: That is pretty obvious. 

The frequency, however, with which you should see your primary care physician for proactive healthcare is another question.

What are the benefits of visiting your PCP for proactive healthcare every quarter?

Many people believe that they do not need to see a doctor unless they are unwell. However, this is a short-sighted approach that might be detrimental in the long run. 

Before we get into how often and when you should see your primary care physician, let us go over some of the advantages of seeing your primary care physician for proactive healthcare:

  • Primary care physicians, like those at PCP For Life, can detect health problems before they become serious.
  • If you become ill, you will be treated as soon as possible.
  • Physicians will monitor you regularly for any existing health problems.
  • It will assist you with keeping on top of vaccinations and screening exams such as mammograms and colonoscopies, among other things.
  • It saves money compared to treating issues or severe illnesses because they are detected early.
  • You and your doctor will create a mutually beneficial trusting connection.
  • It will assist you in discovering solutions to improve any lifestyle concerns you may be experiencing.

When you build up a relationship with your physician, they will see you as you age. Specifically, they are collaborating with you to develop proactive strategies. 

For example, they will check to see if you have had your flu vaccine. Additionally, to combat chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, it is critical to maintain continuity and to be proactive in your medical care. This is something they will be checking for every quarter when you visit.

Because of the preventative aspect of a primary care physician’s practice, they are better equipped to detect and maybe prevent serious illnesses at an earlier stage in their patients’ lives. As a result, not only do you reduce your chances of passing away from a treatable condition, but you also reduce your chances of spending thousands of dollars on medical bills throughout your whole life.

When the risk factors for serious complications such as diabetes and obesity are identified, they can be prevented. But, unfortunately, the majority of people are unaware of their potential risk factors. It is only when the sickness strikes that they are made aware of their existence.

Regular health evaluations might help you proactively avoid getting into such a circumstance. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you have a high risk of getting sick and what you should do to stay well based on the test results.

Quarterly health evaluations and other periodic health check-ups are vital for proactive healthcare. They play a role in determining your health and lifespan to some extent. So, make an appointment with a doctor from PCP For Life today. 

To learn about how PCP For Life can help you or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 281-968-4096.

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