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Why You Should Urge Your Team To Visit A Primary Care Physician


As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the health of your team on your premises and in relation to their work. 

However, that often goes beyond the workplace alone. In fact, to ensure that they get the medical care they need is so important. If you want to keep health care expenses down and keep your employees in healthy, then visiting a primary care physician regularly is important. 

Especially, here is why you should encourage your team to visit their primary care provider:

Remind them of the importance of primary care

As the name implies, a primary care physician can be your employee’s first point of call when they have any medical needs. 

Specifically, it can be a huge benefit to ensure a consistent point of communication when it comes to treating both their physical and mental health concerns. 

Not only will they have a better understanding of their medical history, but they will also understand the family, social, and economic factors that play a role in their health.

Help them take a forward-thinking approach to health issues

Many of your employees might have health issues that have an impact on their work – physically or mentally. 

If they have talked about issues such as diabetes, hypertension, mental health, or otherwise, then a primary care physician can play a large role in helping them better manage these health issues. 

You can recommend a PCP as a single point of contact for helping them address the barriers that pre-existing conditions might raise in their daily lives and their work.

Get the testing that you need for your workplace

As an employer, you can work alongside a PCP to make sure that you are managing the workplace’s standards for health. 

For instance, aside from basic flu testing, COVID testing is playing a much bigger role in the safety of the workplace. 

Similarly, PCPs can provide different tests to ensure that work standards are being upheld by the staff. Primarily, however, you should ensure that the wellbeing of your team is always the top concern, as that is what PCPs mainly deal with.

Incentivize visits with their PCP

Employers have a lot of sway when it comes to encouraging the employees to manage their health. 

Not only can you help them deal with the costs of their health care, but you can also make sure they are taking advantage of programs they already have access to. 

For instance, you can provide an incentive for employees who make visits to their PCP. 

Specifically, you can provide a after visit form that their PCP will fill in after a visit to show that they are making the effort they should towards their preventative health. Once an employee submits this form, you can provide various rewards at work to continue to motivate them and others to visit a PCP. 

Good medical care is an important part of keeping anyone healthy. As an employer, you can help your team get the medicine and treatment a team needs by recommending a primary care physician to work with them. Everyone wins when the overall team is healthy.

To schedule an appointment with a primary care physician you can trust, call PCP For Life today at 281-968-4096.

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